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Introducing one of a kind fine hair jewellery brand with the launch event in London by Milli Maier

Milli Maier was delighted to unveil the unique fine hair jewellery brand before the 2017 London Fashion Week. The launch event  transformed Skylon restaurant in the historic Royal Festival Hall into a daydream experience along the banks of the Thames.

Myths from the ancient times when Gods and Goddesses wore icons on their head that symbolised their mind and what they stood for gave Milli the unquenchable thirst to recreate the story of ‘HUMAN HIGHNESS’ where we live by a mythology in a sense that we all have our own story according to which we try to overcome the odds and slay the dragons. To learn from our achievements and bestow the knowledge to somebody else. The story where we have a purpose and where we are hungry for signification by raising the question “What might we do?”, “What can we do?” and “What will we do?”. Therein lies the challenge, therein lies the search. Using our capacity to imagine, design and create and acknowledge the truth that we are ‘human becomings’, constantly striving towards our higher selves and always wearing our ‘invisible crown’ as a symbol of our mind. We were proud to present our brand in London and set the milestone in this historic and remarkable city. These unique hair pieces have been created to encapsulate the magical light that dances throughout time into the modern day bringing to life the unique spirit of divine inspiration within all of us. The hair jewellery set showcased exceptional, majestic craftsmanship to reflect the ancient myths and the light through the beautiful combination of diamonds, gold and one of a kind jewellery concept.

The luxurious hair jewellery were admired and toasted, with a glass of the flowing stream of liquid gold, in the form of Cattier champagne; and accompanied with the sweet delights of Chocelite’s chocolate truffles. Whilst our guests were kept entertained by the glamorous Brillante Doll adorned in a Milin and gorgeous model bedecked in Barrus. We would like to acknowledge Gatis Silins from Daniel Galvin for creating fabulous hair masterpieces on our team and models.

In addition, as we could not let the guests leave empty handed, we are elated to have partnered with the following: Sunsoul drinks to keep everyone, who took part in the event, hydrated and Chantelle Paris and Yves Delorme, who kindly allowed us to share a few special Valentine’s Day gifts. Every guest received a special compliment from the Milli Maier fine hair jewellery brand with one of a kind handcrafted oak tree combs in a personal gift bag.

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