• ORION'S BELT northern light

  • ORION'S BELT northern light

  • ORION'S BELT northern light


ORION'S BELT northern light

Humans naturally seem to resonate with the saying “As above, so below.” Many ancient cultures shared the belief that we came from the stars and that the earth mirrors the heaven. The constellation of Orion is one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the sky. It was of central importance to many ancient cultures, as its alignment with the position of the stars matches up precisely to the pyramids in Egypt.

The three pyramids at Giza are some of the most mysterious, perplexing, and magnificent ancient structures in the world. Together they demonstrate the concept of sacred alignment, as they form a precise three dimensional map of the stars in the belt of Orion onto the ground by representing the sacred gateway to heaven.

Orion’s Belt versatile hair clips can be transformed into a pendant with one, two or three united clips which can be attached to a chain and worn as a necklace. Orion’s Belt hair clips can also be worn as earring pendant.

Gold: 18K white gold, rhodium finish
Stones: White diamonds
Also available in: 18K rose, yellow and black rhodium plated white gold
Included: Base earrings and necklace chain