Milli is the founder and creative director of her signature brand MILLI MAIER. She started developing the concept of precious hair jewellery in 2012 when she completed her Master’s in Economics and Entrepreneurship and was accepted into the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries.

Being herself long-haired she feels that the ritual of setting hair up can be much more significant and full of mythic grandeur than it has been to date. She disregards gender-specific traditions and encourages people to adorn their heads with a worthy ‘crown’.

Milli created her first hair adornment as an apprentice to an experienced goldsmith where her knowledge and interest in making fine jewellery evolved even more. In 2013 she was presented with an international design award in the A’Design Award & Competition for her first multifunctional hairpin.

By being born in Estonia, a land in the north she had the chance to grow up in a home with elegant pillars of emerald green pine trees and forest courtyards with magical pools of water. Influenced by the environment her design reflects an organic minimalism which is filled with intricate details and intertwined with uplifting symbols.

Milli dreams of her creation becoming an oasis of inspiration, a meeting place of cultures and a crossroads of tradition. Her innovative vision of precious and practical hair jewellery redefines the way luxury jewellery is worn and perceived.

To Milli, hair means mystery; it means eternity. Hair is literally rooted in the human spirit and connects us at a much deeper level.


The logo of MILLI MAIER comes from the toroidal shape of organic energy flow. The spectrum of stories that have been told in tongues now lost.

It portrays two horned heads mirroring each other to represent the duality of all things. Uniting the spiritual and the material and catching the moment right in the midst of the magic. It is like in Michelangelo’s famous painting The Creation of Adam when the two fingers are about to meet, God is set to become Man and Man is set to become God.

The logo includes four horns. The number 4 has had a great deal of symbolic meaning since the dawn of time – for example, four seasons in nature; the four directions of the Native American medicine wheel; four rivers in the garden of Eden; the four sons of Horus in Egyptian mythology; the four elements (earth, wind, water and fire); and many other symbols.

Being a source of infinite inspiration it also includes two wombs where new ideas are born; two triangles (male and female); and two opposed Ms representing the name of the brand.